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PR-10211 (PTFE/Graphite Lubricated, Carbon-fiber Reinforced Bearing/Wear Grade PEEK)

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Compression-molded graphite, PTFE lubricated, carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK polymer. This grade provides low- friction, low-wear at elevated temperatures, excellent tribological characteristics at medium load, and speed against metals. Applications: bearings, thrust washers, wear pads, pistons, piston rings, and mechanical seals.

PR-10211 Data Sheet

Category: Pektran Series - PEEK
Industries: Oil & Gas,Aerospace & Defense
Applications: Pumps,Compressor Reciprocation,Compressor Turbo,Valves
Core Material: PEEK
Additive: Carbon-fiber reinforced,Graphite Lubricated,PTFE Lubricated