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VR-40 (Glass-reinforced PPS)

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40% glass-reinforced grade. This compound has excellent electrical properties such as high dielectric strength, stable dielectric constant, and dissipation factor over a wide range of temperatures, making it the ideal choice for high-temperature insulators and interconnecting devices. VR-40 has excellent retention of strength at elevated temperatures offering 490o F HDT, with a continuous use temperature of 458o F. Chemical resistance comparable to fluoropolymers combined with low water absorption and excellent machinability makes VR-40 the ideal product for oil service and chemical processing components.

VR-40 Data Sheet

Category: Duralast Series - PPS
Industries: Chemical Processing,Oil & Gas,Semi-conductor
Applications: Pumps,Compressor Reciprocation,Compressor Turbo,Valves,Test Assembly Packing
Core Material: PPS
Additive: Glass-fiber reinforced