Symmtek Polymers


At Symmtek Polymers, our product portfolio is designed in a concise fashion to provide dimensional stability, high-end performance, and unparalleled quality. We have expertise in engineering plastics such as polyphenylene-sulfide (PPS), polyimide (PI), polyamide-imide (PAI), polybenzimidazole (PBI), PEEK, aromatic polyesters, and fluoropolymers. These materials can be custom modified to your specifications for structural endurance, wear resistance, seal reliability, and many more industrial challenges.

Conversion Technology

Mold your thermoplastics or thermosets using a variety of conversion methods. Symmtek’s focus is to provide high-performance polymers for demanding situations. We can work with any thermoplastic or thermoset polymer utilizing several conversion methods:

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Who We Are

Symmtek Polymers LLC is a division of KT Plastics, Inc. of Calera, OK. Our team of experts has over 100+ years of practical experience in advanced polymer product design, processing, and business development.

The combination of 100+ years of business development experience and cutting-edge polymer technology enables us to offer solutions in key industries.

Symmtek Polymers provides manufacturing and development of advanced polymer products for a variety of industries and applications. Our company employs expertise in polymer compounding and conversion to develop high-performance thermoplastics and thermosets, which in many cases are superior to metals and other materials. Learn More

We can offer our clients uniquely molded and machined polymer products to solve the most challenging applications. Learn More

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Symmtek is ever vigilant in making sure that nothing falls through the cracks during all stages of our production processes. We work hard to maintain and improve our standards and practices to not only meet, but to exceed, our customers’ requirements. We have consistently maintained and improved our stringent quality process over the years, and we are always looking for ways to be even better.

Symmtek proudly offers a superior level of quality for the Chemical Processing, Aerospace and Defense, Semiconductor and Oil and Gas industries. Our customers trust us to deliver:

  • Increased business efficiency
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Lower unnecessary costs
  • More reliable quality of processes and products


Numerous performance, manufacturing, and service gaps exist with current polymer products found in oil & gas, petrochemical, semiconductor, transportation, textile, and aerospace & defense markets. Can-Altek International’s proprietary products, technology, and market expertise are uniquely qualified to fill these gaps.

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What's New

Symmtek specializes in providing high-performance polymers that are engineered and optimized for your unique commercial application. Our engineering plastics are custom-developed to exhibit superior material properties for whatever harsh conditions your application demands. Thus, our advanced material solutions can reduce the mean time between repair (MTBR) of your equipment, simultaneously extending the mean time to […]

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