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Duralast Series PPS

DURALAST SERIES MATERIALS PPS resin’s unique flow behavior and affinity for a variety of fillers and reinforcements, coupled with Symmtek Polymer’s continuing commitment to customer satisfaction has insured the development of Duralast molded compounds. Duralast can be ordered in a variety of formulations including glass-fiber-reinforced, carbon fiber, mineral/glass combinations, as well as specialized self-lubricating formulations.  […]


SYMMTAMIDE SERIES MATERIALS SYMMTAMIDE Series Materials are high-performance engineering thermoplastics. Chemically, Symmtamide is a Poly (Amide-Imide). The combination of aromatic group and imide linkages is responsible for the polymer’s exceptional thermal stability. The amide groups impart flexibility and compliance resulting in a molded product with outstanding toughness. PAI (polyamide-imide) is an extremely strong and stiff plastic material. […]

Alflon Series PTFE/PPS Alloys

ALFLON A/SM AND JE SERIES MATERIALS The A-Series of Alflon compounds are standard PTFE-filled products for service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 500ºF. The SM-Series products are PTFE fluoropolymers alloyed with Polyphenylene-Sulfide and reinforced with graphite/carbon fibers. This line was developed to offer higher compressive strength, better thermal conductivity, and higher abrasion resistance with decreased […]

Isomide PI

ISOMIDE SERIES MATERIALS ISOMIDE PI Series are completely imidized aromatic imidepolymers molded from polyimide powder resin utilizing Symmtek’s unique compression molding and sintering technology. The wholly aromatic chain structure imparts high strength, thermal stability, rigidity, and hardness to ISOMIDE PI molded parts. Products

Pektran PEEK

PEKTRAN PR SERIES MATERIALS PEKTRAN PR Series Materials are a class of high-temperature, semi-crystalline aromatic polymer compounds based on Polyaryletheretherketone resin. The wholly aromatic structure of the PEKTRAN compounds is responsible for the high-temperature performance and outstanding mechanical and electrical properties in chemically hostile environments. The diversity of end-use applications has led to the development […]


  SEMIKON SERIES MATERIALS Symmtek’s Semikon molded polymer products are a series of electrostatic dissipative and/or conductive compression molded polymers, designed for static management applications up to service temperatures of 500F in the semiconductor and solar-cell manufacturing industries. The filler/reinforcement packages in the Semikon product line impart high strength and stiffness over a wide temperature […]