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  This series will take you on a deep-dive into understanding the materials and processes we utilize to develop our polymer products. Understanding Thermoplastics


Explore Symmtek’s comprehensive product catalog including Alflon, Symmtamide, Semikon, Pektran, Isomide, and Duralast series materials.


Symmtek formulates and works with a wide variety of polymers. Here is a comprehensive list of products we offer with specific properties and data sheets. Advanced Engineering Thermosplastics: The A-Series of ALFON compounds are standard PTFE filled products for service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 500ºF and specialty hot-compression molded compounds for service temperatures up […]


Custom products are proprietary advanced engineering thermoplastics and thermosets designed for specific customer demands. We can tailor polymers to satisfy specific performance and durability requirements not met by our standard products. Whether you have a design demanding high-stress, environmental resistance, or extreme temperature variation — from cryogenic temperatures up to 800ºF — Symmtek can help […]