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Advanced Engineering Polymers for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Equipment

Symmtek products for Oil & Gas applications where developed to respond to the continuing demand for products capable of operating in extreme conditions found in harsh oil & gas well environments. These environments present many challenges for polymer products requiring: high temperature & pressure performance, chemical resistance to oil-well bore-fluids & gases, permeation resistance, mechanical strength, as well as dielectric and conductive behavior.

Symmtek’s advanced engineering polymers are used in several Oil & Gas downhole applications requiring extreme performance at high pressure and high temperature:

  • Mechanical property retention and dimensional stability from -50C to 360C (-60F to 675F).
  • Excellent long- term aging resistance
  • Good flexibility and impact strength down to -90C (-130F)
  • Good permeation resistance
  • Resistance to gas decompression
  • Ability to seal up to 10,000-20,000 psi at elevated temperature up to 360C (675F)


Extensive Portfolio of Products:

  • Olefinic Polyketone, filled & unfilled
  • Aromatic Polyketones, filled and unfilled
  • Fluoropolymers, unfilled, filled and alloys with rigid polymers
  • Imidized polymers: PAI, PI and PBI for extreme temperature, low wear and dielectric properties ate elevated temperatures

Excellent Track Record and Proven Performance Up to 675 ºF, 10,000 psi in:

  • Downhole interconnecting devices for MWD
  • Permanent & Retrievable Packer sealing rings and back up rings
  • Valve seats with low brake away torque at elevated temperature
  • Blow-Out Preventer Packing and Ram Seals for steam injection operation up to 650F, 2,200 psi
  • Sliding Sleeve sealing elements
  • Liner Hanger seal rings
  • Steam expansion Joint seals servicing 675F, 10,000 psi wells
  • SAG-D service pump wear components