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Advanced Engineering Plastics for Chemical Processing Equipment Symmtek has developed products for improving Chemical Processing equipment efficiency and output. Our engineered thermoplastics and thermosets offer to the equipment designer and user the following characteristics: Improve chemical resistance Reduce overall weight and energy needs Reduce wear, galling, and drag Increase Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) Compliance […]


KT Plastics & SYMMTEK POLYMERS have the capability to produce advanced engineering polymer shapes and parts for Aerospace applications. Our extensive knowledge of products and molding processes allow KT & Symmtek to produce components from extruded and thermoformed Olefins to compression and injection molded high heat polymer parts and shapes. Today, our aerospace grade molded […]


Symmtek has developed polymer products which provide the expected essential performance in the semiconductor industry. The products perform in conditions of elevated temperatures, aggressive chemicals, and abrasive media while maintaining structural integrity and dimensional stability. These polymer products are easily machined  into semiconductor manufacturing equipment, intricate components, and fixtures. Symmtek’s SEMIKON molded polymer products offer to the […]


Advanced Engineering Polymers for Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Equipment Symmtek products for Oil & Gas applications where developed to respond to the continuing demand for products capable of operating in extreme conditions found in harsh oil & gas well environments. These environments present many challenges for polymer products requiring: high temperature & pressure […]