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The Best Engineering Plastics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Symmtek is one of the nation’s leading providers of premium high-temperature plastics that are uniquely developed for semiconductor manufacturing applications. Our Semikon line of engineered polymer products includes a complete range of electrostatic dissipative(ESD), conductive, & Anti-Static compression molded polymers. These custom polymers are designed and refined from the ground up to accommodate static management […]

Engineering Thermoplastics 101: PEEK vs PEK vs PTFE

As one of the nation’s premier providers of quality-engineered thermoplastic solutions, Symmtek offers the industry insight to help you better understand the world of engineering plastics. To that end, here is an overview of three common high-temperature thermoplastic materials: PEEK, PEK and PTFE. PEEK and PTFE – What Do All the Acronyms Mean? PEEK – […]


Welcome to Symmtek Polymers new website! Symmtek Polymers LLC is a division of KT Plastics, Inc. of Calera, OK. Our team of experts has over 100+ years of practical experience in advanced polymer product design, processing, and business development. We can offer our clients uniquely molded and machined polymer products to solve the most challenging […]