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4 Benefits of Choosing High-Temperature Thermoplastics as Metal Replacements

High-temperature thermoplastic materials are a suitable replacement for metal parts in many specialized manufacturing applications. An example includes our Symmtamide T-230 – a high-performance Poly-Amide-Imide (PAI) compound, 30% glass fiber reinforced to surpass the durability of many metals.

These engineering polymers have been meticulously developed and refined to exhibit the high strength and reliability of their metal counterparts while simultaneously offering numerous advantages in cost, quality, corrosion resistance, consistency and performance. Below we discuss four of the unique benefits offered by Symmtek’s high-temp thermoplastic and composite material solutions.

The Advantages of High-Temp Engineering Polymers

  1. Superior Thermal Management

    Specialized high-temp thermoplastics are excellent in thermal management applications which may have traditionally required aluminum, copper or brass. Our engineering plastics exhibit unparalleled insulation properties and enhanced heat resistance, as well as resistance to fatigue, deformation or brittleness caused by extreme temperatures. In addition these polymers can be formulated to have very high thermal conductivity to dissipate and evacuate heat from systems requiring operation in cooler environments (electronics, and processors).

  2. High Strength and Chemical Resistance

    High-temperature engineering polymers can provide substantially increased resistance to corrosive chemicals and solvents when compared to many metals. They offer the high strength of traditional metals without many of the chemical or environmental constraints. Reinforced High-Temp Engineering polymers offer superior strength-weight ratios when compared to metals and ceramics.

  3. Manufacturing Flexibility through Advanced Molding

    Specialized thermoplastic materials are extremely versatile. They can be engineered for enhanced ductility, capable of being molded into complex dimensions with close tolerances.

  4. Sustainable and Environmentally Efficient

    In many cases, engineering polymers can be recycled and remolded into brand new components without losing any of the material’s enhanced physical properties or structural integrity, when they are properly recycled and reconstituded. Compared to many traditional metal options, the recycling of thermoplastics can make them a greener, more environmentally friendly alternative. High-Temp Thermoplastics are part of the solution to reduce carbon footprint..

Your Single Domestic Source for Quality High-Temp Thermoplastic Solutions

Symmtek is one of America’s premier providers of reliable high-temp thermoplastics solutions and advanced engineering polymers. Based out of Calera, OK, we offer our clients uniquely molded, and machined to exacting dimensions and tolerancing, polymer products to accommodate some of the commercial, industrial, energy, and electronics industries’ most challenging production applications.