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PI-230 (Glass-filled)

This glass-filled polyimide is exceptional in low-wear and low coefficient of friction conditions, in addition to a wide range of temperature tolerances––from 450º F up to 600º F continuously, and up to 750 F on occasion. Isomide PI 230 Data Sheet

PI-220 (20% Graphite-lubricated PI)

20% graphite lubricated compound offers low wear and low coefficient of friction under PV factors up to 130,000 in totally un-lubricated conditions. This has the same wide range of temperature tolerances as the other grades––from -450o F up to 600o F continuously, and up to 750o F on occasion. PI-220 Data Sheet

PI-210 (15% Graphite and 5% PTFE-lubricated PI)

15% graphite, 5% PTFE lubricated grade offering the lowest coefficient of friction of bearing and wear surface operation under extreme pressure and velocity over a wide range of temperatures––from cryogenic to 600o F continuously, going up to 750o F for short periods. PI-210 Data Sheet

PI-200 (15% Graphite-lubricated PI)

15% graphite lubricated composite with improved resistance to wear and low coefficient of friction. The choice grade for un-lubricated bearings, mechanical seals, thrust washers, and pistons over a wide temperature range––from – 450o F up to 600o F continuously, taking 750o F for short periods.\\\\ PI-200 Data Sheet

PI-100 (PI)

Unfilled base resin providing maximum mechanical properties, impact resistance and elasticity combined with electrical and thermal insulating characteristics. This compound covers a wide temperature range from -450o F to 580o F continuous with excursions to 750o F for short periods. PI-100 Data Sheet