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PR-43 (30% Carbon-fiber Reinforced PEEK)

Compression-molded 30%, carbon-fiber filled PEEK polymer. Reinforced for maximum improvement (versus glass) in tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths. Flexural modulus is as high as seven times the base resin. As an excellent metal replacement, typical uses are: compressor and pump mechanical devices such as casings, rotors, vanes, valve plates, and high- precision gears with low […]

PR-10211 (PTFE/Graphite Lubricated, Carbon-fiber Reinforced Bearing/Wear Grade PEEK)

Compression-molded graphite, PTFE lubricated, carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK polymer. This grade provides low- friction, low-wear at elevated temperatures, excellent tribological characteristics at medium load, and speed against metals. Applications: bearings, thrust washers, wear pads, pistons, piston rings, and mechanical seals. PR-10211 Data Sheet

PR-44 (Specialty Glass-fiber PEEK)

Specialty glass fiber-filled grade. Designed for maximum property retention at elevated temperatures without a premium. This product is recommended for process engineering applications such as seals for valves, pumps, compressors, roller clutches, friction bearings, impellers, extrusion sealing devices, and high-temperature insulation. PR-44 Data Sheet

PR-32 (30% Glass-fiber Reinforced PEEK)

30% glass fiber reinforced version. By adding glass the material yields a higher tensile and flexural modulus than the unreinforced grade with good retention of properties up to 525o F in a variety of media. PR-32 is excellent for electrical insulators at elevated temperatures and a superior material for anti-extrusion rings for oil tools and […]

PR-100 (Unfilled Compression Molded PEEK)

Unreinforced grade molded from 100% virgin resin. Unfilled, PEKTRAN PR provides a well-balanced combination of rigidity, strength, and excellent ductility and impact resistance. PEEK PR-100 is ideal for high resiliency seals, back-up rings, valve seats for harsh and nuclear environments, packing distillation columns, high-temperature, and high-pressure electrical insulators. PR-100 Data Sheet