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T-230-AS is an anti-static fiber reinforced Polyamide-imide polymer product with thermal stability up to 500℉. The fiber reinforcement offers high stiffness and deformation resistance up to its maximum service temperature. The product provides suppression of electrostatic charging in test sockets, nests, and fixtures in semiconductor and electronic testing equipment. The static dissipative properties, stiffness at […]


48-ESD is a static dissipative Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer product designed for static management applications requiring higher thermal performance in an ESD product up to 450-475 oF. The product maintains strength and stiffness and prevents discharge to or from human contact during assembly and packaging operations. 48-ESD is a compression molded, and fully annealed PEEK product […]


SEMIKON 42-ESD is an electrostatic dissipative Polyether-Sulfone (PES-OH) polymer product designed for static management applications up to 340℉ in the semiconductor and solar-cell industries. The filler package in the Polyetherimide resin imparts high strength and stiffness over a wide temperature range while preventing discharge to or from human contact. Semikon 42-ESD is a compression molded, […]


Polyether-Sulfone (PES-OH) polymer product designed for use in the semiconductor industry, offering electrostatic dissipation to preserve sensitive microchip integrity during assembly and manufacturing. The product offers consistent surface resistivity with no or very low initial charge through a wide range of temperatures up to 340℉  providing a path for an electrostatic charge to bleed-off. 41-ESD-CON […]