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T-230 (30% Glass-fiber, 1% PTFE Reinforced PAI)

30% glass fiber reinforced, 1% PTFE. Designed for a metal replacement, this compound provides high stiffness and retention of properties at elevated temperatures. Typical applications include housings, brackets, compressor poppet valves, plates, pump impellers, rotors, and housings. The material is also excellent for electrical and thermal insulators. T-230 Data Sheet

T-247 (Special Bearing/Wear Grade PAI (High-load, low-speed)

Compression molded graphite and PTFE lubricated Poly(Amide-Imide) Polymer. For reciprocating notion bearings subjected to high loads at low speeds, T-247 offers the best wear resistance of the Symmtamide line in compressor and valve components. These applications include piston rings, mechanical seals, and rod packings. T-247 Data Sheet

T-201 (Bearing/Wear Grade PAI)

12% graphite-powder, 3% PTFE. Designed for bearing use, this compound provides good wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and high compressive strength. Typical applications for T-201 include: thrust washers, high-speed bushings, wear-pads, piston rings, and low torque valve seats. T-201 Data Sheet

T-203 (Unfilled PAI)

Symmtamide T-203 offers the best impact resistance and elongation of the Symmtamide family. The product is most suitable for electrical applications such as connectors, switches, relays, and insulators. T-203 Data Sheet